The Pulse on Gender Equity in Seattle & Beyond

Mission & Vision:

What we believe:
All humans are of equal worth, but we still have work to do to make sure they are treated that way. We know that social justice movements are connected, and that to fight for equity for one group of people means to fight for all, and so our feminism is strongly intersectional. 

What we do:
We analyze where Seattle and Washington State stand when it comes to gender equity. 
We spark constructive conversations to create positive change.
We normalize gender equality and diversity in leadership, power, and success.

How we do this:
We use interviews, opinion, stories and facts to celebrate the good, call out the bad, and envision a way forward through the blog EqualiSea.org.
We host panels, workshops, and other educational events to give professionals the tools to improve gender equity in their workplaces.

Why we do this:
Because high expectations creates high results.  And we’re raising the bar.


EqualiSea was created by Martha Burwell.  She is an independent consultant, researcher, and writer.  She consults on operations and systems to make your nonprofit or small business more equitable for all types of people, particularly for womxn.  At heart, she’s a social justice advocate, traveler, entrepreneur, and of course, a feminist.
See more at www.MarthaBurwell.com

Her writing has been published by local organizations such as the Economic Opportunity Institute and Legal Voice, and she has had the pleasure to interview local changemakers, such as political leaders, nonprofit executives, community organizers, university professors, business icons, and pop culture experts.  

To inquire about hiring Martha as a writer or a consultant, please see the contact/hire page.

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The philosophy of EqualiSea:

Seattle, Washington, USA.

Pine trees, snow-covered mountains, Puget Sound.  Coffee and airplanes and software. 
As a city, we’re considered pretty progressive. 
But when you take a closer look, we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to gender equality.

Our name combines “equality” and “Seattle,” because we aim to create a
sea-change in gender equality in our city, state, and world.


A big and sudden change, often for the better
A metamorphosis
A transformation


A change for the better in how we support people of all genders.
A metamorphosis in the conversation around success and power. 
A transformation in leadership.


EqualiSea was launched in June 2015.